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BI1A6987 edited without mirror web size.

Exhibition views

14 etchings and 3 films

The work Ongoing explores the infinity of time in space. It shows time as a continuum which our lives are part of. The line is encircling the viewer in the exhibition space. It is organically drawn and etched on plates of different sizes and shades, which are incidentally marked. Additional monochrome prints above and below the line level extend the space into universe.

Three films each show a series of line drawings. One consists of daily drawings of a blooming and withering flower. Another one displays drawings from the spine of a book, lying on its back, the pages being turned until being closed again. The angle of the spine changes subtly. The films are observing processes: beginning, development and end. The act of drawing allows to experience the duration inherent to a particular process which can be located on an ongoing timeline.

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